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K800 English Breakfast 13

Nach vielen Englischstunden im Kurs 7B, in denen wir in der Theorie über typisch englische Produkte gesprochen haben, war es kurz vor den Osterferien endlich soweit! Wir haben alles selbst gekauft, gekocht oder gebacken, was man für ein englisches/amerikanisches Frühstück braucht:


  • toast with bacon and eggs, baked beans, butter, ham and roasted tomatoes,
  • porridge with fresh fruits (pineapple, apple, etc. ), yoghurt, sugar, cinnamon and cardamom,
  • homemade pancakes with cream, maple syrup or honey or jam and fresh fruits,  
  • homemade scones with clotted cream (here just cream), marmalade, strawberry jam, blackcurrant jam and honey,
  • … and some German “accessories”: Käse, Salami und Gurken.

Mmmh! Delicious! Tasty! Yummy! However, very little time to finish everything!

We also had some drinks - don’t worry -  legal drinks only like semi-skimmed milk, mineral water, hot chocolate, orange juice, … but Mrs Lange, you forgot the tea!!!

So we’ll have to do this again ;-)

K800 English Breakfast 2


K800 English Breakfast 3

K800 English Breakfast 4







K800 English Breakfast 5








K800 English Breakfast 6

K800 English Breakfast 7









K800 English Breakfast 9









K800 English Breakfast 8

K800 English Breakfast 11












K800 English Breakfast 12








K800 English Breakfast 1


How to … Make English Tea:

Drinking tea with family and friends is a very important part of British culture. Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, and English Breakfast are all popular choices of tea types. Brewing the tea involves boiling the water, using a teapot, and steeping the tea either in tea bags or the loose leaf form for the correct amount of time. When it comes to serving the tea, use the right type of cup, and add milk or sugar if your guests prefer. Learning how to make English tea correctly means that you will be able to host many successful afternoon teas!

Quelle: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-English-Tea

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